We're offering a full range of services for robotics technologies

Humanitarian action

We are available to deploy drones during recovery process by connecting rescue, media, relief and other agencies to operate based on fresh data from the disaster sites.

  • Crisis mapping
  • Disaster risk management strategies
  • Drone data analytics
  • Field testing

Technical Support

We have the expertise required to operate drones, technologies, software and the right partnerships to be able to offer technical support to our clients to enable them to concentrate on their core mandates and goals as organizations but infuse this technologies in their programs on demand.

  • Training
  • Leasing/Hire
  • Repairs and Servicing
  • Consulting/Strategy
  • Geo data/Mapping

Sector specific services

We offer services targeted to various sectors

  • Construction industry
  • Precision agriculture
  • Insurance industry
  • Film and Photography
  • Media/Journalism

We are part of We Robotics global network of local knowledge hubs – “Flying Labs®” – growing the ecosystem of robotics services in Kenya.

We have direct access to the expertise of WeRobotics, members of other international Flying Labs, strategic and industrial partners, select software solutions and more.