General Questions

We are a Kenyan robotics knowledge hub that focuses on sustainably localizing appropriate robotics solutions in low-income countries to accelerate the positive impact of aid, health, development and environmental efforts. We provide technical support to partner organizations to promote the use and deployment of robotics in areas of humanitarian aid, agriculture, environmental work etc.

WeRobotics is an international NGO building a global network of labs where people use robotics to alleviate suffering, protect the environment and develop local economies. WeRobotics has decades of experience, expertise and contacts; have spearheaded successful, international “robotics for good” initiatives including dozens of aerial robotics missions and trainings in many countries for a wide range of humanitarian, development and environmental projects. You can learn more about them here

Kenya Flyings Labs is part of We Robotics global network of local knowledge hubs – “Flying Labs®” – initiative for growing the ecosystem of robotics services in developing countries. In this arrangement, KFL have direct access to the expertise of WeRobotics, members of other international Flying Labs, strategic and industrial partners, select software solutions and more.

Yes, we are already in the process of setting up an open hub for enthusiasts and pros doing drones in Kenya.

There are many ways of getting involved. Click here to find out more

The Kenyan Parliament Committee on Delegated Legislation has now annulled the RPAS 2017 after finding fault with several provisions. This annulment has given us a chance to dialogue with the regulator and lobby for better laws that support the development of the industry. Our specific interest will be lobbying government to provide incentives to the "tech for good" sector on taxation, equipment, fees etc.